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EMS Continuing Education Training

EMS Continuing Education TRAINING

We know that EMS operators need to keep up on their training and have constructed this website to serve that specific need.

EMS Continuing Education from EMSNeeds.com is authorized by the NREMT as instructor-led courses as well as in most states. Only $7. Take courses as many times as you want without repaying.

Format of Courses:

These courses are distributed learning, approved by the state, accepted by NREMT and are instructor-led.

We emphasize learning from mistakes; in other words, you can retake recertification courses to correct errors instead of receiving only a score. Review your work at your own pace 24/7.

Airway Management

Bleeding and Soft Tissue



EMS Operations

Human Body Basics

Infants and Children

Intro to EMS Systems

Legal and Ethical Issues

Lifting and Moving Patients

Pulmonary Intoxicants

Swine Flu

Trauma Basics - Multiple Injuries

Vital Signs and SAMPLE History


WMD-Hazardous Materials

Emergency Medical Service workers, being a crucial link in the healthcare system chain, are often required to acquire a certain number of CEs.

At EMSNeeds.com online CE refresher training, you can earn credits supporting the expertise you have, learn skills you need, and test yourself from the convenience of your home computer.

Continuing Education credits, units or hours, (CEs, CEH, CEU) as they are often referred to, are brief educational courses required by many employers in a variety of industries, most commonly in the healthcare and education fields.

CEUs are mandated because changes in many fields, particularly in healthcare and education, occur at rapid rates, and CEUs are an effective way in which to stay abreast with the latest knowledge and information in a field. Furthermore, there is an extra importance society weighs on the quality of services provided by particular industries, such as the healthcare and education workforce, and so CEUs have become essential in ensuring their competency.

They are required to do this about every 3 years. It is common that after EMS workers receive initial certification for whatever field they may be in, they are expected to attend educational classes.

You may be also asking yourself, what happens if I'm an EMS employee and I keep putting off my CEU requirements or am unable to get to them for a while?

There is a reasonable chance that at any time your employers can review your employment with them. Upon doing so, they may decide that you are not meeting the requirements and standards necessary to remain on their payroll.

This is not to say that some extensions aren't permitted, they can be. But you often may need to apply for them ahead of time with a justifiable reason for doing so. Extensions are rarely, if ever, granted when they are requested past all the key deadlines with flimsy excuses.

But of course, if you want to print your certificate here after taking the modules at your own pace, start here now or when you have time. Work at your own pace and choose what is best for your learning style.

Note: You can also go to your state's website and in their health section. They'll likely have important info on the continuing education details you may be looking for. Save time. Save money with certified EMS continuing education.

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